Ushanka: Traditional Russian Hat with Fold-Down Ear Flaps


The Ushanka is a quintessential symbol of Russian culture, known for its practicality and distinctive design. This fur hat with fold-down ear flaps has a rich history and continues to be a popular choice for those looking to stay warm in cold climates.

The History of the Ushanka

The Ushanka, also known as the “Shapka Ushanka,” originated in Russia and has been a staple of Russian winter wear for centuries. The name “Ushanka” comes from the Russian word “ushi,” meaning ears, highlighting the hat’s primary feature: its ear flaps. These flaps can be tied up on the crown of the hat or left down to protect the ears, chin, and neck from the harsh cold.

Design and Materials

Traditionally, Ushankas are made from fur, with rabbit, muskrat, and sheepskin being the most common choices. The luxurious fur provides excellent insulation against the cold. Modern versions of the Ushanka might use synthetic materials, but the design remains true to its roots.

The hat’s structure typically includes a quilted interior lining for additional warmth and comfort. The ear flaps are often secure with ties or buttons, allowing for versatility depending on the weather conditions.

Cultural Significance

Beyond its practical use, the Ushanka holds cultural significance in Russia. It has been associated with various Russian military uniforms and is often seen as a symbol of Russian heritage. During the Soviet era, the Ushanka became widely recognized around the world, further cementing its status as an iconic piece of Russian apparel.

Ushanka in Modern Fashion

While the Ushanka remains a practical choice for cold weather, it has also found its way into modern fashion. Designers around the world have incorporated the Ushanka’s unique look into their winter collections, blending traditional elements with contemporary styles.

How to Wear an Ushanka

Wearing an Ushanka is straightforward, with several styles to choose from:

  • Flaps Down: For maximum warmth, wear the ear flaps down and tie them under your chin. This is ideal for extremely cold weather.
  • Flaps Up: In milder conditions, tie the ear flaps on top of the hat. This gives the Ushanka a more compact and stylish look.
  • One Flap Down: For a more casual and modern appearance, let one ear flap hang down while the other is tied up.

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