A Traditional Iranian Kolah Namadi

Kolah Namadi(Persian), or articulated Kolah namadi, is a traditional Iranian wool cap worn by males in various parts of Iran. Depending on the region of Iran, Or the group that wears it. They come in a variety of tones and shapes.

They are mostly used for ceremonial purposes nowadays. Kolah is the Persian term for hat, while hat refers to the type of material used to make the hat. Kolah means a cap constructed of names when put together. This hat is regularly featured in Iranian historical films. A 1966 romance film was also given the title Kolah Namadi.

Cycle of creation

A Kolah Namadi felt cap, is made from wool. The cap is made from sheep, camel, or goat hair and packed using heat and water. The wool is mixed in with a limiting material like starch, oil, eggs, or cleanser and afterward given its structure, utilizing a shape. The cap is molded into a style explicit to individuals of the area. Made entirely of excellent camel/sheep wool. The best deal available. The Kolah Namadi is a fluffy, round-topped hat fashioned by hand. It’s unisex, so it can be worn by both men and women. This is ideal for the cold months and goes well with casual attire. This is ideal for folks who live in colder climates since it keeps them warm. Go to Wikipedia and look for “Kolah Namadi”!! Colors include off-white, grey, black, light brown, and dark brown. Sizes medium, big, and small are available.


The strategy of felting was initially contrived in Central Asia in the fifth to third century B.C. Generally, wearing a cap was a respectable image and a source of pride among Iranian men. Reliefs tracing all the way back to ancient Persia outline Kolah Namadi’s life and were standard highlights of Persian and Greek art. In the mid 20th century, Iranian gangs of men used to wear Kolh namad as a fundamental piece of their character and pride.

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