What is Dundee Style Flat Cap?

This is the most popular style of Hanna Hats we sell and we call it the ‘Brad Pitt’ style. It has a shorter brim which is also shape to a prominent curve. It’s a modern-looking Irish Flat Cap. Manufactured in Pakistan of 100 % tweed wool.

This tweed is EXCLUSIVELY made for Realirish.

Similar in outline to the various types of flat bonnet common in northwestern Europe during the 16th century, the later tam o’ shanter is distinguish by the woolen ball or Torie decorating the center of the crown; the name itself did not enter common usage until the early 19th century. The term came to denote a hat, usually associated with Scottish military regiments, derived from the old bonnet. Along with the Glengarry and the Balmoral bonnets. The Balmoral was sometimes simply describ as synonymous with the tam o’ shanter.

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