Traditional Tam o ‘Shanter

A Tam o’ Shanters is a type of Scots bonnet, traditionally worn by men. It is named after the eponymous hero of the Robert Burns poem “Tam o’ Shanter”. The Tam o’ Shanters typically has a flat crown and a short brim and is made of wool. Today, the tam o’ shanter is often worn as a form of Scottish national dress, or as part of a traditional Scottish costume.

The Tam o’ Shanters was popularized in the 18th century by Robert Burns. Whose poem “Tam o’ Shanters” tells the story of a Scotsman who is caught in a storm while wearing his tam o’ shanter. In the poem, Tam is saved from being blown away by the wind only to have his hat blown off his head.

Since the publication of “Tam o’ Shanter”, the tam o’ shanter has been associated with Scotland and Scottish culture. Today, the tam o’ shanter is often worn as a form of Scottish national dress. Or as part of a traditional Scottish costume. The tam o’ shanter is also a popular choice of headgear for Scottish athletes competing in the Commonwealth Games and other international events.

Scottish Tam Hat

 Scottish tam hats are a type of headwear traditionally worn by Scottish men. They are usually made from wool and are often adorned with a feather or other Scottish-themed decoration. Scottish tams are typically worn as part of a traditional Scottish outfit and can be seen at Scottish Highland games and other Scottish events.

While they are not commonly worn in everyday life, Scottish tams make a great addition to any Scottish-themed costume. Scottish tams are also a popular choice for Scottish-themed weddings. If you are looking for a Scottish tam hat to complete your Scottish outfit. There are many great options available online and in Scottish specialty stores. Scottish tam hats are a great way to add some Scottish flair to your outfit and will help you stand out from the crowd at any Scottish event. Thanks for reading!

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