What is student hat?

The student hat: A Symbol of Union and Achievement in the 19th Century

Evolution and Significance of the Student Hat from the 1840s to 1862

From Copenhagen to Uppsala: The Official Introduction of the Student Hat in 1845

The Student Hat: A Symbol of Identity and Affiliation in European Countries

Nordic Countries: Student Hats as Markers of Common Identity

German Studentenverbindungen: Caps as Indicators of Group Membership

Varieties of Student Hats: Different Types Worn Across Europe

Origin, Design, and Symbolism

The calotte originates from the skullcap worn by the Zouave papal regiment around 1860. The calotte is cylindrical, made from velvet and astrakhan (pelt of newborn lamb. The top color is Bordeau red for the universities of Brussels. Leuven, Louvain-la-Neuve and Namur, white for the University of Ghent and emerald for the University of Liège.

Symbolic Expressions and Customized Emblems

The Calotte: Symbolic Representations and Personalized Pins

Front of the Calotte: Stripes representing the Belgian flag and the colors of the city or university

Back of the Calotte: Faculty representation through color, symbol, and specialty indicator

Golden Stars: Signifying successful years of study, with silver star representing a year retaken

Personalized Pins: Adding meaningful symbols and representations about the owner’s achievements and affiliations

Beauty, Elegance, and Refined Craftsmanship

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