Scottish Hats And Caps A Complete Guide To Learn About Them


For a complete overview of Scottish Hats: A Complete Guide, take a look at the whole blog. The Scottish Hats have been around since the early 16th century. When you think about Scottish Hat, things that come to your mind are traditional Scottish hats. It could be a Balmoral Hat, the Kilmarnock bonnet, generally known as the Balmoral Hat, is a classic Scottish Hats worn as part of formal or informal Highland costume.

Or Glengarry Hat, The Glengarry Hat is also widely worn by civilians, especially notably by civilian pipe bands, although it is an ideal hat for any guy dressed in Highland casual or day attire. It commonly has a red torie in this context. Women frequently wear the Glengarry, a Scottish hat in pipe bands.

Or TOM O’ SHANTER HAT, the Tam O’ Shanter Hat is most recognized in Scottish culture due to Robert Burns’ renowned 1790 poem, ‘Tam O’ Shanter.’ It is also known as the ‘Tammie.’ The Tam O’ Shanter is a flat bonnet that was initially fashioned of wool hand-knitted in one piece and stretched on a wooden disc to give it its distinctive flat shape.

But, there’s a lot more hats then that. Let’s get into these.

Scottish Golf Hat

Scottish golf hats are typically worn by both men and women, and the name implies that the cap is worn while golfing, but because it is similar to a baseball cap, it can also be worn informally. 

Golf Hats have an adjustable elastic fastening at the back and are made of the same polyviscose fabric as the golf pants. We can make custom Hats in lightweight wool to offer a wider range of solid colors and will do so where the polyviscose fabric is not available.

Scottish Golf Hats

Scottish Rite Cap

Meaning of Scottish Rite Cap

In the Scottish Rite Cap, the genuine repentance of one’s physical and dreamlike (material and intellectual) qualities for the advancement of mankind. From one perspective, the caps are a fragment of our noble tradition, as comparable ones were associated with European Orders of Knighthood, where they evolved from the Arming Bonnet, worn beneath the head protector.

They are, however, also worn as a type of praying cap, a custom that is also practiced in certain religions. As a result, the caps are a consistent reminder that the real should be based on the meaningful and that, like knights, we should fearlessly struggle to keep honor and uprightness by employing Moral Sense and Reason.

Black faille fabric with hard sides and soft top, black and gold braid, double-headed eagle buttons, and fine rayon cord. The Scottish Rite eagle is hand embroidered in gold bullion directly onto the cap (not as a sewn-on patch). The interior is lined in black satin and interlined. A name card window is sewn inside, along with a card for identification.

Scottish Walking Hat

Both men and women typically wear Scottish walking hats informally as well as in formal wear. Because it is designed in a way that complements many types of appearance. During the winter, most people wore a large coat and a walking hat. These hats are available in a variety of shades, with each color varying due to different production processes.



Scottish Winter Hats

Scottish winter hats are similar to beanie hats worn in cold weather all over the world. These are the knitted caps that are worn by everyone during the winter, depending on the styles and colors that they desire to wear.

Slogan beanies are another option to wear style both of these ones are by Scottish designers Bonnie Bling and Dawntroversial, so you can be confident that you are not only on-trend but also stylish.

Slouchy beanies are the most comfortable beanies to wear. You don’t have to be concerned about it being overly large or childish. Because it lies on the back of your head, it looks effortlessly cool and is the greatest beanie to wear with sunglasses.

Scottish Deerstalker Hat

A deerstalker hat, sometimes known as a “fore and aft” hat, is a type of close-fitting fabric hat with prominent brims at the front and back.
A deerstalker is a sort of cap that is commonly used in rural areas, especially for hunting, particularly deer stalking.

Because of the cap’s prominent association with Sherlock Holmes, it has become the stereotypical detective headgear, particularly in hilarious drawings or cartoons, as well as comedic plays and films.
The deerstalker was a style of headgear worn by deer hunters and other adventure seekers in nineteenth-century England. The deerstalker was most popular between 1870 and 1890, when sportswear became a more significant for men’s clothing.


Harris Tweed Patched Cap

Harris Tweed Patched Cap is a flat cap that comes in a variety of Tweed hues. It’s constructed of soft wool and is best worn in cold weather. People used to wear it with both formal and casual outfit. In this charming patch cap, the timeless expertise and active colors of Harris Tweed are showcased to thoroughly stylish effect.

Harris Tweed, handwoven from pure virgin wool on the Outer Hebrides isles of Lewis and Harris, embodies the best of the British textile industry. This warm and comfortable cap is a dapper choice as a traditional accessory and will help you navigate the trans-seasonal months with style. These designs are best all over the world.

Harris Tweed wool patch cap with a traditional stitched peak detail and a soft quilted interior for comfort. The tweed has a patchwork design that incorporates major color of blue/green/grey/beige. Keep up with the times with this stylish cap, which comes in a color range that will match with anything! Woven by hand in the Outer Hebrides.

The Harris Tweed Patchwork Cap displays the Harris Tweed trademark and was handcrafted by Scottish craftsmen in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides.

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Tam O’Shanter Hats for Dogs

Tam O’Shanter Dog Hat is a traditional Scottish dog hat that is ideal for Burns Night and other special occasions. It has an adjustable elastic chin strap to help keep the hat in place.

Countless hours are spent hand-crafting each one-of-a-kind Ellen Tartan designer dog hat, which is woven from the finest woolen threads by skilled craftsmen and women who design, dye, warp, and weave this one-of-a-kind Tartan. This practical dog hat completes the look.

Fastens around your dog’s ears

Is beautifully handcrafted.

Tartan from Scotland


Scottish Hat For Cat

A lovely Scottish style small cat hat made of 100% wool, with an adjustable chin strap that allows the hat to be securely fitted on your pet.


2.3″ from edge to edge (6cm)
2.7″ in height ( 7cm)

If your cat has never worn a hat before, you might want to try the following:

  • Place your cat’s favorite treat near the hat to get your cat’s interest.
  • Give your cat some time to get used to the new smell.
  • Put on the hat for a minute or so and see if your cat is comfortable with it.
  • The hat has an adjustable strap; do not allow your cat to chew on it.

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Scottish Tartan Hat For Dogs

This cheerful tartan plaid fleece beret, just in time for the holidays, will get your dog in the holiday spirit!

Countless days are spent hand-crafting each one-of-a-kind Ellen Tartan designer dog hat, which is woven from the finest wool threads by skilled craftsmen and women who design, dye, warp, and weave this one-of-a-kind Tartan. Complete the look with this practical dog hat designed exclusively.

Handcrafted with care

Wraps around your dog’s ears and fastens.

Tartan from Scotland

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Balmoral Bonnets Hat For Dogs

Balmoral bonnets are typically associated with the Scottish military. It is flatter than a Tam O’Shanter and has one side raised, usually with an insignia or brooch. Ours are embellished with a charm or a metal button. A Caubeen is its Irish equivalent (but we make them the same way).

They look great with a matching bandana or formal kilt and can be customized to match the tartan. All bonnets have a fine elastic chin strap. Choose a tartan or color and a charm for the side, and we’ll make it and ship it to you as soon as possible.

We have a few clan tartans and a few standard tartans in stock, but not all, so please message us with any special requests before ordering so that we can find you the best match.

Every piece of headwear is handcrafted with great care and attention to detail.


Tam O’Shanter Hats For Cats

Set out a glass of Buckfast, some plaid on the furniture, and a slice of Haggis because these tartan Cat tams are a hit! Curated for the international feline, they can now experience the highlands from home or abroad!

Your Cat will love this hat whether he is sipping Johnnie Walker at home or living life as an immortal warrior trying to survive an increasingly brutal set of ancient highlanders who want to kill them and gain their powers.

And don’t worry, this hat comes with an elastic string to keep it in place during any activity, bagpipe session, or tree toss.

All Cat Hats are delivered in a Cat Hat 5x5x3 box and are tastefully wrapped in tissue paper.


Tam O’Shanter Hats For Cats

Scottish Hat And Scarf

A handmade tartan Scottish Hat And Scarf set is perfect for the winter holiday season.
The beret is one of our premium quality 100% wool berets in a dark color, with a handcrafted ribbon fashioned from the same tartan fabric.

The neck warmer is completely handcrafted, fleece interior for added warmth. To keep the neck warmer in place, it has a secret popper.

  • Unisex scarves, for both Men or Women. great value, trendy, stylish, classic plaid scarf. make a great gift
  • 90 Inches In Length and 12 Inches in Width
  • This hat has an elastic woolen headband
  • Tam O’ Shanter Hat Acrylic wool Tartan/Tammy Cap
  • Our Tammie hats have a satin type lining inside the tam


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