In Scotland, kilts have profound cultural and historical roots. They’re a time-honored display of patriotism kept in a safe place between uses. 2. The name ‘kilt’ is derived from the ancient Norse word kjilt, which means ‘pleated,’ and references tucked-up and around-the-body clothes.

Kilts are now considered formal or national attire by the majority of Scots. Although a few people still wear kilts on a daily basis, they are typically owned or rented for use at weddings or other formal occasions and can be worn by anyone regardless of nationality or background.

Scottish kilts are the country’s traditional attire, and they’ve been worn with regard, as a fashionable fashion statement, and as protest symbols throughout history.

History Of Kilts

Kilts were first mentioned in 1538. Gaelic-speaking Scots Highlander males wore them as full-length gowns. The modern knee-length kilt was not invented until the early 18th century.

Kilts were originally white, brown, green, or black. Plants, mosses, and berries were utilized to color the wool by the clan people. They constructed plaids for individual clans over time, with the colors dependent on what natural dyes were available in the area. Tartan cloth was born from these plaids.

The little kilt, or philibeg, initially appeared in the late 17th century. The kilt’s bottom half is folded into folds, belted at the waist, and falls just above the knee. For protection and warmth, a second piece of cloth was placed over the shoulder.

Types of kilts

Wearing your tartan in a kilt is the best and most dramatic way to demonstrate your pride in it. We are committed to providing you with the finest level of craftsmanship. Each kilt we sell is hand pleated, hand sewn, and tailored to your specifications by some of Scotland’s best and most experienced kilt makers. We would not offer anything less than the greatest quality kilts money can buy.

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