Breton Hat For Wonderful Weather

A Breton hat is a traditional type of straw hat from Brittany, France. Breton hats are usually made of straw and have a wide brim that helps protect the wearer from the sun. They are often decorated with ribbons or flowers and are worn by both men and women. Breton hat is most commonly seen during the spring and summer months.

 Breton hats are typically made from straw that has been harvested in early spring. The straw is then dried and formed into shape using hot water and steam. Once the hat has cooled, it is then trimmed and decorated with ribbons or flowers. Breton hats are usually worn with the brim pointing downwards but can be worn in other ways as well.

 Breton hat is a popular choice for summertime wear, as they help protect the wearer from the sun. They are also comfortable and breathable, making them ideal for hot weather. Breton hats can be a great addition to any summer wardrobe.

Straw hats were worn by Brittany laborers to protect them from the sun. Breton hats were traditionally made of straw, but today they are also made from other materials such as felt and straw. 

Straw hats are generally made from plant materials such as straw, grass, or reeds. They can also be made from synthetic materials such as paper or plastic. Straw hats are often decorated with Ribbons, flowers, or other adornments.

Princess Margaret was photographed wearing a large-brimmed variation of the classic Breton in 1965. The picture was taken during a vacation in Mustique, and she is seen standing on the deck of a yacht with her husband, Lord Snow don. Princess Margaret was known for her fashion sense, and this particular hat style became known as the “Princess Margaret hat.” It was widely copied by other women of the time.

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