What is Glengarry bagpipe hat?

MacDonell of Glengarry and balmoral bonnet MacDonell, thus is sometimes said to have invented the glengarry. But it is not clear whether early pictures of civilians or fencible infantry show a true Glengarry Bagpipe Hat. Folded capable of flat or the standard military bonnet of the period merely ‘cocked’ into a more ‘fore-and-aft’ shape.

May be the first use fo the classic military glengarry not until 1841. The commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel Lauderdale Maule, introduced the for pipers of the 79th Foot.
It was only in the 1850s that the glengarry became characteristic undress. Headgear of the Scottish tam regiments of the British Army. Until 1860 the glengarry bagpipe hat without a diced border and usually with a feather had pipers in all regiments except the 42nd (Black Watch).

In 1914, all Scottish infantry regiments were wearing dark blue glengarries in non-ceremonial orders of dress except for the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). Who wore them in rifle green, and the Scots Guards who wore peaked forage caps or khaki service dress caps.

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