What is a gat hat?

gat hat is a type of Korean traditional hat worn by men along with hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) during the Joseon period. It is made from horsehair with a bamboo frame and is partly transparent in black color.

Most gats are cylindrical in shape with a wide brim on a bamboo frame. Only noble class men during the late 19th century could wear gat, which represented their social status and protected their topknots.

Under Joseon, black gat was restricted to men who had passed the wager examination. Commoners wore a variant called paeraengi which was woven from split bamboo.

Artisans who make gat are called ganniljang  in Korean.

. If the word Scottish is attached it means, the traditional Scottish hats which are worn in the Scottish highlands to keep the tradition alive. It’s also a part of Scottish military or civilian Highland dress, either formal or informal.

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